I'm Roman. I'm a student that writes programs, mostly in C#. I really like making servers and play too many dinosaur games.

Recent Projects

Here's a list of some recent projects I've created.

  • RPWS: This is a service I made to replace some of the official Pebble services. This includes the appstore, locker, timeline, and more.
  • WebPebble: A clone of the now closed CloudPebble, a web Pebble IDE, written from the ground up in .NET Core. This one is in early development and shouldn't be used.
  • Ark Bot: A Discord bot in development for the game Ark: Survival Evolved. You can see player join/leave events, new tames, deaths, and even chat with the server.
  • Dino D-Day Bot: A Discord bot I made for a Dino D-Day Discord server for server info and RCON commands. Thanks for paying me for this, Enma.
  • Pebble Appstore: This is a replacement appstore for the Pebble Smartwatch. The original Pebble servers, including the official appstore, were shut down 7/19/18.

Want to see more? Head over to my GitHub page.

Want Something Made?

I'd be happy to do work on a project for you. If you like what I do, maybe send me a few dollars. If not, it's 100% free. Let me know below!


Shoot me a message on any of these platforms and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.